• How join waiting list?
    The registration in waiting list is made by completing the planned form (available on the Harbor office or on our www.portlarochelle.com Web site, in the space download, to the right on the homepage). This form must be put down or passed on in the harbor office by mail or by e-mail. A copy of the demand with a recording date will be put back(handed) to you and you will quickly receive a letter of confirmation of registration.


  • How works the waiting list?
    Upon registration, the application is dated. You will be provided with a copy of the application, indicating the filing date. Applications are classified according to this filing date and the length of the vessel.
    Reminder: the length taken into account is the overall length, from the protrusion of the bow davit to the salient of the transom, including fixed apparatuses (such as dolphinière, butt-end, bathing beach).


  • Should you own a boat to register?
    No, you just have to specify the approximate length of the future boat so that the application can be classified in the right category. There are 9 categories: <5m, 5 to 6m, 6 to 7m, 7 to 8m, 8 to 9m, 9 to 10m, 10 to 11m, 11 to 12m, 12 to 13m and > 13m.


  • Is the registration permanent?
    No, registration must be confirmed each year. To simplify the procedure, the port services send each registrant, at the beginning of the year, a confirmation letter of registration to be returned within the deadline, accompanied by an invoice of 15 €. If no response is received, the application will be canceled. 3 months of stopover at the port of La Rochelle in the year exempt you from the 15 € the following year.


  • Can I re-register after a cancellation?
    Yes, but this is a new application. The cancellation is always definitive, the position which stemmed from it in the list is thus definitively lost. The date of registration will be that of the new application.


  • What happens if a boat is changed while waiting?
    The measurements of the new vessel are recorded and the application is reclassified to the corresponding category.
    This change in category may lead to a significant variation in the classification, but the age of the application is preserved.


  • Is the list searchable?
    Yes, by registering at the Captain’s Office, a registrant may at any time take cognizance of his or her classification. Given the personal information it contains, the waiting list is not displayed in accordance with the obligations of the N.I.L. Concerning computer files (confidentiality of data).
    The waiting list is regularly checked by the Regional Chamber of Accounts.


  • How Locations Are Assigned?
    The allocations take place in the order of inscription on the waiting list for the first vessel whose measurements are compatible with the released location (the width of the boat, in particular, justifies this method of allocation).
    If, on the form, the applicant specifies a date from which he wishes to be offered a location, no proposal will be made to him before that date.
    In the case where the incoming vessel does not correspond to the characteristics indicated on the application and on the proposed site, the vessel must correspond to that indicated on the application.


  • What happens if a space proposal is refused?
    – If the applicant wishes to remain on the waiting list, he / she must indicate this in writing when the first proposal is rejected. His application will then be retained on the initial date and he will have to specify from what date he wishes to be offered a second place. He will not be contacted before that date.
    – If the applicant does not respond within the deadlines, his application will be definitively canceled. He or she must return to the waiting list if he or she wishes another proposal.


  • What are the obligations of the applicant?
    The applicant must imperatively notify the Harbor Master in writing of any change of address or boat, under penalty of not seeing his request succeed.
    The port services will not search for return mail after a wrong address. The application will be canceled.
    The applicant who will be offered a location for the registered boat will not be able to claim a change of boat at the time of the proposal. He will then take the rank in the list corresponding to his new boat and the contract proposal will be canceled.