Die Gesten des Bootsfahrers

Acting to limit the ecological impact

  • I pick up the plastic bags that float in the water because protected species, swallow the plastic bags they take for jellyfish and choke. In addition, plastic bags can block the cooling system of the boats and cause engine damage.
  • I respect the minimum catch sizes and the authorized material because by catching fish below the allowed sizes, I prevent the natural renewal of species and I reduce the resources. Similarly, during my purchases I do not buy fish or crustaceans below these sizes.
  • For my shellfish fisheries, I respect the allowed quantities and sizes because they are fragile and essential resources for the marine ecosystem.
  • I evacuate my garbage and empty my wastewater tanks only in the locations provided for this purpose by the harbor manager.

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Respect the fauna and flora

  • I first wet on the sand in order to preserve the posidonia or zostera herbaria and then I rinse my anchor on the spot.
  • I avoid practicing noisy motor activities that damage the fauna and flora outside the zones dedicated to this purpose.
  • At sea and in the river, I respect the natural environment by avoiding the degradation of sensitive areas, the nesting and breeding grounds of the local fauna: reed beds, banks, small islets, rivers during periods of low water.
  • I respect the underwater environment by refraining from raising anything, avoiding feeding the fish or damaging the seabed with my hands or my fins. Contact with coral may have irreversible effects on its development.

Preventing aquatic pollution

  • I prefer heavy bags or baskets to carry my things because a bag too light would risk flying. In the same way, I am particularly attentive to all the light objects that the wind.
  • I do not use my marine toilets near the shore unless I equip my boat with black water tanks, because organic pollution can favor the proliferation of some species at the expense of all the others. Many ports now offer drainage systems.
  • I carefully fill the fuel tank of my boat: preferably at the dock and using a funnel large enough not to spill fuel in the water.
  • Aboard my boat, I use environmentally friendly products. The ports offer all kinds of equipment to ensure life on board (sanitary facilities, dishwashers, showers).
  • I banish toxic products to wash my boats to favor biodegradable products.