Shared commitments

The marina of La Rochelle shares the commitment of Echo-Mer and EcoNav for the preservation of the marine environment. It develops with these associations actions to elicit reflexes eco-citizens in the framework of activities in nautical environment. One of the main objectives of this approach is the protection and in-depth study of biodiversity (algae, plants, fish, invertebrates, birds and occasional visitors such as dolphins, porpoises and other seals) in the harbor.


The Echo-Mer Charter begins its article 1 for an essential commitment: “I will not throw any non-biodegradable debris overboard”.

The port of La Rochelle carries out this fight every day by proposing to the eco-mariners sorting solutions and, as a last resort, permanent means of cleaning. The task is enormous and paramount when we consider the time that is necessary for some waste to disappear permanently from the environment.

See the film directed by ECHO-MER
It illustrates an awareness-raising among boaters about the collection of used batteries in containers (themselves recycled).

vague bleue

The marina is also committed to the Vague Bleue scheme (a brand of CRMA Brittany): it participates in this collective action to manage hazardous waste for companies in the nautical sector, in partnership with the CDA, marine professionals (PNRO), Loire-Brittany Water Agency, Chamber of Trades and Crafts, CCI and FIN
To find out more, contact our Environment Manager
Angélique Fontanaud, at 05 46 44 41 20.

Ecole de la merA partnership agreement with the association “SCHOOL of the Sea” has been signed, the purpose of which is to inform, educate and disseminate scientific and technical culture on topics such as marine biodiversity And coastal areas.
It mobilizes the contribution of knowledge, know-how and material and financial contributions of each of its members to the benefit of the general interest in connection with its associative project. The association leads and participates directly or indirectly in any activity related to its object.


LPOThe marina also has commitments shared with the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).

liensscnrsCollaboration between the Port of Plaisance of La Rochelle and the AMARE team of the laboratory CNRS-LIENSs (UMR 7266) of the University of La Rochelle on the monitoring of the improvement of water quality.

The environmental service of the port and the association Echo-mer offer all year round eco-friendly walks to discover the environmental issues of the marina. Dates and Information on our website.

The Charter of the eco-marine

The sea is my companion, my challenge, the object of my dreams and one of my last spaces of freedom. But I know that every one of my actions has an impact on its future, on what my children will find there, on the animals they will be able to meet, on the quality of its waters. So that it does not become a sacrificed space, a place polluted or over-regulated, I take responsibility now. I inquire about the consequences of my actions and make an informed commitment.


I will not throw any non-biodegradable debris overboard. To this end, I take all the necessary measures to take only the minimum amount of packaging, arrange sorting and storage solutions to conserve this waste and facilitate its management ashore.


I use the port infrastructures available to deposit my waste and thus limit my pollution. I am interested in port management. If it is not or badly equipped, I take the time to interact with the agents and the managers to raise awareness and encourage them to invest by demanding adjustments where they do not exist.


I have read the laws and regulations relating to pollution at sea and the protection of animals. I promise to respect them.


By joining this charter, I become “the ambassador of the sea” to other sea users, local authorities and governments.
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Le port et l'environnement