Waiting list F.A.Q


How do I add my name to the waiting list ?

Add your name to the waiting list by completing the necessary form, this form must then be handed in or sent to the harbourmaster’s office by post or email. You shall be given a copy of your application specifying the date it was made and you shall receive a letter confirming your registration in good time.

How does the waiting list work ?

When you sign up, your application is dated. You shall be given a copy of your application specifying the date it was made. Applications are ranked according to the application date and ship length. Please note: the length specified should be the overall length of the ship, from where the stemhead protrudes up to where the boat transom protrudes, including any stationary equipment (such as the overhang stemhead, jibboom and swimming platform).

Do you have to own a boat to sign up ?

No, you should simply specify an approximate length for your future boat so that we can process your application in the right category. There are 9 categories :

  • < 5m
  • 5 à 6m
  • 6 à 7m
  • 7 à 8m
  • 8 à 9m
  • 9 à 10m
  • 10 à 11m
  • 11 à 12m
  • 12 à 13m
  • > 13m

Is registration permanent ?

No, you must reconfirm your registration each year. In order to simplify the process, at the start of the year, port services send a letter to every person who has signed up in order to confirm their registration. This letter should be sent back within the specified time period together with the €15 fee. If you fail to respond, your application is cancelled. Good news: If you stay at the port of La Rochelle for a 3-month period within a year, you shall be exempt from paying the €15 fee for the following year.

Can I sign up again following a cancellation ?

Yes, but you would have to start the process again. Cancellation can never be reversed and if you cancel, you will permanently lose your position on the waiting list. The date of registration adopted shall be that of the new application.

What happens if I change boat during the waiting period ?

The measurements for the new boat are saved and the application will then be put into the corresponding category.
This category change may mean that there is also a noticeable change to your place on the list, however the date of the original application is retained.

Can I view the list ?

Any person who has made an application may find out their place on the list at any time by going to the harbourmaster’s office.
You may also view your place on the list at any time by visiting the client area on the website for the La Rochelle marina.

How are places allocated ?

Places are allocated according to the date you sign up to be added to the waiting list and depending on whether the boat’s measurements are compatible with the place available (the boat’s width, in particular, is a reason why this allocation method is used).
If you indicate on the form that you would like to apply for a place as of a certain date, you shall not receive an offer before that date.
In the event that the boat which turns up at port does not have the same characteristics as those indicated at the time of the application and specified on the placement offer, your contractual offer shall be withdrawn.

What happens if I refuse a placement offer ?

If the applicant wishes to remain on the waiting list, this should be specified in writing when refusing the first placement offer. The date of the original application shall be retained and the applicant should specify the date from which they would like to receive a second placement offer. The applicant will not be contacted before this date.
If the applicant does not adhere to the time periods specified, the application will be permanently cancelled. The applicant will have to make a new application to be added to the waiting list if they would like to receive another placement offer.

What are the applicant’s obligations ?

It is strictly necessary for the applicant send written notification to the harbourmaster’s office if they change address or boat (capitainerie@portlarochelle.com). Failing this, their application may be terminated.
Port services shall not conduct any research in the event that a letter is returned due to an incorrect address. The application will be terminated.
If an applicant receives a placement offer for the boat specified at the time of registration, they may not request to change the boat at the time they receive the offer under any circumstances. If this is the case, the applicant will be placed back on the waiting list according to the specifications of the new boat and the placement offer shall be withdrawn. As such, if you decide to buy a new boat with different specifications to those noted on the waiting list, you must let us know as soon as possible !

Why is only the length of the boat taken into consideration when signing up for the waiting list when the port has switched to a length/width pricing framework ?

The length determines the dock selection, as we need to make sure that there is sufficient distance between docks (around 1.5 times the boat’s length).


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