Our commitments

Everyday, La Rochelle marina takes action against winds and tides in order to preserve the quality of the environment. Thanks to the measures taken, to the partnerships we’ve established and to an incentive put in place to encourage yachtsmen to respect nature, over the course of the years the port has become a point of reference when it comes to sustainable management.

Environmental policy letter

A development project based on human and environmental respect

La Rochelle, 8th February 2017

Ten years after having obtained the ISO 14001 certification, environmental protection continues to play a vital role in the measures implemented by the La Rochelle marina. In the same vein, the marina, preoccupied with making sure that working conditions are safe for both its staff and participating third parties, has implemented an occupational health and safety management system (SMS) in accordance with the requirements set out in the OHSAS 18001 standard.

As a concerned party in the local environment, the port wants to further its voluntary commitment by bringing all its partnerships together (port users, nautical professionals and port contractors, local communities, schools…) in accordance with adequate conditions for work and safety.

Define, act, evaluate then correct: those are the foundations on which we base our process of continuous improvement. Our commitment means that we implement the measures necessary (whether technical, human or financial) for our goals to be achieved.

Our quest to be exemplary in the actions we take, as well as within our organisation, both in our procedures and how we implement them, is first and foremost based upon making sure that legal requirements are observed.

Taking the principle of sustainable development as a starting point, we want to take action in order to reduce pollution, as well as occupational risks, by putting preventative measures in place. What’s more, we can, on the whole, lessen the port’s environmental footprint whilst guaranteeing optimum working conditions.

Over the course of the following years, we would like to

  • Further the action taken to help the environment in terms of:
    – improving how waste is sorted
    – improving discharge quality
    – preserving natural resources, in this respect, water appears to be a crucial factor
  • Implement a method of minimising occupational risks, in consultation with the CHSCT (Comité d’hygiène, de sécurité et des conditions de travail, Committee for hygiene, safety and working conditions), in order to make sure individuals, as well as work and building equipment, are kept safe. We plan to do this namely by focusing on posture and manual handling with the participation of a group of employees with the aim of detecting working conditions or practices which can be deemed dangerous, as well as systematically analysing incidents and integrating safety measures into new projects.

Bertrand MoquayBertrand Moquay,
Director of La Rochelle Marina

La Rochelle, Zero Carbon city

The “La Rochelle Territoire Zéro Carbone” (LRTZC) project’s objective is twofold: drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and reach carbon neutrality for our city in 2040.

This project, proposed by La Rochelle University, La Rochelle Atlantic Port, the ATLANTECH association and the council of La Rochelle and its conurbation, has brought together over 130 public and private partners.

The port, which has been deemed an experimentation zone, has committed to reducing its energy consumption and overall carbon footprint.

The port invites all users to save water and natural resources, and to reduce and recycle waste.

By doing so, the marina is raising awareness of these environmental issues among all professionals and pleasure boaters.