Common sense on board

Safety at the port


The most feared accident on a harbor is the fall of a person into the water.

When a person falls into the water, she is sometimes shocked and generally has the greatest difficulty in swimming and finding one of the ladders that equip the pontoons and docks, a fortiori if she is alone. Boaters are therefore required to leave their swim ladders unmatched and easily accessible and to point them out clearly.


Children on board!

A port, for the sailor, is a shelter, for a child it is a playground. Be extremely vigilant especially if he can not swim: equip your threads with nets, permanently put him a lifejacket And if it’s really small, make sure it aboard your boat with a safety harness. If he can swim, have him locate the nearest scales of rescue and avoid leaving him alone: fallen between two boats, no one will see or hear him to come to rescue him.


Bonds in the port

Echelle de sécuritéYour bathing ladder can save a life! The bathing ladder must be accessible and not moored to get out of the water at port and anchorage.


Gillet de sauvetageBra and vest are compulsory for children under 6 years and for people not knowing how to swim. Free luggage is available at the Capitainerie 24 hours a day.


Les interdits au Port de PlaisanceFormal prohibition of cycling, scooter, skateboard or roller skating on the docks and on the pontoons.